Product Solutions

Wefresh OMS

API integration push and tracking, Upstream and downstream collaboration for contract fulfillment, Full link route tracing, Smart box model accessories and consumables recommendations, Fresh product expiry date management.

Inventory Visibility

Inventory levels from all locations, shared across all channels in real-time to minimize OOS (Out Of Stock sales).

Order Tracking

As the control center of the link, it collaborates with upstream and downstream systems to command and schedule warehouse distribution operations, formulate fulfillment plans, and complete a closed-loop collaborative operation of the entire supply chain order.

Smart Order Routing

Apply rules-based configuration for order routing, based on location, inventory availability, fulfillment capacity and more.

Fulfillment Plan

Orders calculate fulfillment plans based on service standards.

Wefresh WMS

Supports delivery from multiple warehouses and merchants, Multiple inventory status management, Support multi-temperature zone management, 24-hour temperature monitoring and early warning.

Temperature Control

It supports batch management, inventory management of effective period, and tracking.

Mobile-first, device-agnostic

Provides mobile compatibility for warehouse workers to fulfill orders, manage real-time inventory and order information, include receiving & putting away & taking inventory & replenishing & picking.

Process Management

The operating procedures provided by the system include: inbound, outbound, replenishment, warehouse transfer, inventory, shelving, review, and picking.

Policy Management

Different shelving, replenishment, and mixing rules are set according to different warehouses and different warehouse areas, and the system supports the rapid development of new rules.

Wefresh TMS

Carrier Management, Intelligent Shipment Scheduling, Visual Tracking & Exception Handling, GPS temperature real-time monitoring and early warning throughout the process.

Transportation Management

TMS is a professional cold chain transportation management system that can make warehouse and distribution collaboration smoother, scheduling more efficient, transportation monitoring more in-depth, operations simpler, operation processes more transparent, and billing settlement faster. Ultimately, the goods can be assured and the carrier can be worry-free.

Temperature Control

Automatically connect to all mainstream GPS platforms to monitor the real-time temperature during the entire transportation process, and notify the driver and the person in charge of the document in real time if the temperature exceeds the limit

Route Plan

Uses intelligent combination optimization algorithm for route planning, supporting manual, map, fixed and automatic route planning.

Wefresh BI

Data-driven insights for optimized performance and informed decision-making across operations. Visual analysis, Financial analysis, Operational analysis, Customer analysis, Multi-dimensional analysis of orders, Custom multidimensional analysis.

Channel Dashboards

Gain real-time visibility into key metrics and performance indicators.

Order Performance

Single quantity multi-dimensional analysis, single quantity trend prediction.

Financial Performance

Accounts receivable aging analysis, receivables to payable ratio-OPM, accounts receivable turnover, billing efficiency.

Operational Performance

Improve operational efficiency and decision-making across all stages.